What kind of Photographer are you?

Just a fun quiz to see how you perceive Photography

Do you ask strangers to take a pictures of you when on vacation?

  • All the time!! It gives us something to laugh about when we get back!
  • Only if it's a picture of me and my significant other. I hate the way selfies look.
  • Never! I just take a selfie.
  • Are you kidding? I have my tripod, with off camera flash & hold the trigger in my hand. Of course, this is after I have set the exposure to the background, set the flash with meter to the best light & composed myself perfectly!

Do you love posting pictures of your kids, pets & friends doing goofy things on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook?

  • Sometimes, but only if it's something funny or weird & I know I'm going to get a response.
  • I post everything  on Social Media! I always have my phone ready to capture anything around me!
  • Whenever I take Pictures of my family and friends at Events or Holidays. I am usually the only one with an actual camera!
  • I only post my best work. I love to hear the comments. I feel it's important to create the best Photography I can.

How do you feel when people show you pics that they had taken?

  • I cringe! If I see another cat picture...I will....  But every now & then...
  • I don't mind. I will smile & nod & occasionally share a picture or two with them.
  • I love to see other peoples photos! Sometimes I compare them with my photos & get excited. Other times I feel like I will never get as good at Photography.
  • Sure, I'll take a look. Then I can show you a few things you could have done to improve the shot.

Your are sitting at home with nothing to do?

  • Binge watch a Netflix series!
  • Facebook! I like keeping up with my friends.
  • Grab my kids & go take photos of them having fun! 
  • Grab my camera and gear! There is never nothing to do! There is so much to take photos of!

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